Honu Industrial’s Grease Recycle Bins are showcased in 3 sizes of 30, 55 and 100 gallons. Honu bins were trim to fit under commercial kitchen counters for ease of discarding used frying oils. These containers are mounted on easy-to-manuver wheels ideal for work spaces and transporting. The 30 gallon is made from recyled high density polyethylene material designed with circular, wide opening to avoid spills when pouring hot oils. Larger 55 gallons are made from metal with spacious top disposal, equipped with screen strainer to filter plastic gloves, rags, food particles and other elements. The heavy duty, perfect for outdoors, 100 gallon bins comes with lid lock for storage safety. 100 gallon metal containers equipped with heavy duty wheel casters with brakes as well as a screen that can be locked to avoid unwanted materials such as rags, gloves, bones etc. and also avoid theft. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


>>See Grease Recycle Bin (High Density Polyehtelene)


>>See Grease Recycle Bin (Metal)

Grease Recycle Bin Diagram (Metal)