Grease Recycle Bin

  Grease Recycle Bin 30 gallon and 55 gallon High density polyehtelene container Wide opening to avoid spills Perfectly fit under a standard kitchen counter Mounted on heavy duty casters with wheels Safety transport oil Read more…

Grease Recycle Bin

  Grease Recycle Bin 55 gallon and 100 gallon Metal container 55 gallon perfectly fit under a standard kitchen counter Mounted on heavy duty casters with wheels Safely transport oil from kitchen to transport truck Read more…

Why Biodiesel?

In contribution to Reducing the effects of global warming, biodiesel is an alternative way to Reuse greases, animal fats and vegetable oils. Recycling greases helps protect our environment in creating a biodegradable, reduced-carcinogenic-fumes type of fuel that is also sulfur-aromatics free and non-toxic. Renewable Diesel can be used 100% or in blend with petroleum diesel to fuel engine motors, generators, domestic and commercial boilers. Utilizing biodiesel as a product of grease recycling is a significant step in reducing our carbon footprint. Biodiesel is safe to handle, store and transport because of its noted nature of possessing a high boiling point and low vapor pressure.

What is Grease Recycling?


propergreaserecyclingGrease recycling is step one for the production of biodiesel. Restaurants, food chains and other commercial establishments with waste vegetable oil or any used cooking oil from facility fryers are encourage to dispose their greases properly. Greases can clog sewers if not discarded correctly. Grease Recycle Bins are specifically designed for this purpose. Waste vegetable oil or used cooking oil known as yellow grease are collected for production of renewable diesel. Honu Industrial has a variety of Grease Recycle Bins in plastic and metal built ideal for commercial kitchens or outdoor grease storage.